Solar Electricity

Generating electricity from the sun is possible using photovoltaic (PV) panels or tiles. These panels are usually roof mounted and connected into a buildings electricity supply. 

Excess power is exported back to the national grid. In off-grid systems the panels can be attached to batteries. The detailed guide below is aimed at potential installers of larger scale grid-linked systems in social housing, however the work contains much information that may be useful to anyone thinking of investing in PVs.

Guide to PV installations.

SunGain PV is NEP's scheme for homeowners in the East Midlands, generate free electricity from the sun, whilst earning an income from it.

Prices range between £3,550 and £6,930 with a payback period of around 9 years, for more information visit our Sungain PV project page.

For a free, no obligation survey call us on 0115 985 9057 or fill in an our short application form.

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