Nottingham City Biomass Study

In 2008 NEP were awarded a grant from The Greater Nottingham Partnership to carry out a Biomass resource and supply chain assessment for the city of Nottingham.

The aim:

  • establish the level of available wood biomass for chip production,
  • a business case for an urban processing site
  • establish the appropriate use for the end product to ensure the maximum benefit in reducing Nottingham’s CO2 emissions, increasing local energy security and ensuring maximum local economic benefit

ReNU were contracted by a competitive tender to carry out this work.

View the completed study. (12Mb) 


Key findings:

12,000t pa of wood chip could be produced from currently available wood waste arising from the city

  • For biomass heat only this would be enough to provide the annual fuel demands of approximately 15-20MWof installed capacity.
  • This could produce 31,355MWh (based on 85% efficiency) of delivered heat and offset around 6,271 tonnes of CO2 if replacing mains gas.
  • That a biomass processing site in the city would be an economically viable undertaking.
  • That there are some potentially significant opportunities for developing biomass plant associated with the city DH network.


Who are Renu?

ReNU is a 'Not for Profit' social enterprise developed from the Nottinghamshire County Council's Wood Heat project. Its main role is the development of the renewable energy market place and supply chains in Nottinghamshire and The East Midlands, developing locally owned capacity for producing heat and power.

Their initial area of development is biomass - wood heat. Biomass is a priority low carbon technology, as identified by The Carbon Trust. 


Renu's objectives:


Establish the rural wood heat supply chain and infrastructure.

  • Develop other small locally owned social enterprises, stimulating local consumption of locally produced fuels, achieving local wealth retention.
  • Strengthen rural diversification and attract investment into the region.
  • Analyse the wood fuel supply and demand within the region •Raise awareness of the use of wood heat for generating electricity and heat.

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