Energy Mapping

  Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Energy Partnership has developed city-wide energy mapping as part of the Local Carbon Framework pilot scheme.

The energy mapping initiative, funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), reinforces Nottingham's key energy ambitions, helping to deliver the city’s long-term green vision.  The City Council is one of nine local authorities that has participated in the initiative that pilots different methods of identifying and meeting the challenge of reducing our carbon emissions.

The Council, working with Nottingham Energy Partnership and other organisations including Geographical Information System company Esri UK,has developed two interactive online tools to help reduce the City’s carbon footprint – the Nottingham Energy Calculator and the Decision Support System.

The Nottingham Energy Calculator is designed to help local residents make informed decisions on the most suitable renewable technologies for their properties while the Decision Support System is mainly aimed at supporting managers, policy makers and planners when making strategic decisions for the future economic development of the City.

The two tools support the implementation of the city-wide Energy Strategy and Community Climate Change Strategy.

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