SunGain Solar PV

Earn money and reduce your energy bills

with SunGain solar power



SunGain is an independent advice service and been running for 10 years. We ensure
you get an excellent quality PV system at the best possible price.

We have teamed up with a range of trusted, experienced, local installers to help more
of Nottinghamshire's private households benefit from solar power.  

The price of solar panels has come down dramatically in the last year, making it a more
viable investment. On average the rate of return is now 10%, much better than any
savings account.

Why invest in a solar electricity system?

Earn an income for the next 20 years - you will be paid 14.38p for every unit of electricity you generate, guaranteed for the next 20 years, through the Government’s Feed in Tariff plus automatic
additional payments through the Export Tariff.
Your earnings will be tax free and will increase every year in line with inflation – your earnings are linked with the Retail Price Index and will go up every year.
Lower energy bills - use as much of the electricity you generate in your own home for free, and save on your fuel bills.
Protection from energy rises – when electricity prices go up again and again in the next 20 years, you will keep generating and saving.

How much does a system cost?

This is dependent on the size and suitability of your roof and how much you wish to invest.  Our standard system varies in size; 1.5kWp - 4kWp and cost between £3,812 and £6,046.
This includes scaffolding costs.
Read our SunGain leaflet below, it contains information on whether your roof is suitable
and more about the Feed in Tariff payment.

SunGain has already ensured over 300 homes have installed the right solar systems, in the right places, at the lowest prices.

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