Harder to Treat SWI Project

In 2015 NEP were contracted by Nottingham City Council to develop
insulation guidance templates for a selection of Harder to Treat properties in the city
 to create a best practice guide on how to insulate these property types going forward.  
Having managed Aspley Super Warm Zone, the East Midland's first solid wall
insulation programme and as key partners of the council's Greener Housing
scheme we
 welcomed this contract and it's challenging nature.   
Darren, our Contracts Manager has had years of experience working with
contractors and has quality managed hundreds of solid wall insulation installs.
Our first task was to identify and enlist suitable homeowners/private landlords
that were willing to pay on average a 25% contribution towards the works.

Harder to Treat kick-off Workshop

We knew this project would involve discussions and approvals from the council's planning department so to kick things off we organised a Workshop inviting representatives from Nottingham City Homes, NCC's planning department, installers, Councillors, private landlords and Environmental Health staff.
The aim of the workshop was to encourage a discussion that would identify potential barriers and try and work out methods to overcome these them –  it was also an opportunity to find out what the planning application process would involve. 
Attendance was good with around 15 people accepting our invitation. This was a positive start to the project with many people voicing that it was about time a project homed in on these more complicated house types - something other SWI projects have historically shyed away from.

Our 9 Harder to Treat Properties

Property Area Archetype Desciption of insulation works
1 Roberts Street Sneinton Victorian terrace (end) Internal front, external back, external on gable with coloured render plus underfloor insulation
14 Alexandra Street Sherwood Victorian (block of flats) External front, external back with sloped finish up to roof detailing
166 Hungerhill Road St Anns Victorian terrace (end) External front with brick effect render, external back with brick effect window detailing, external on gable end.
35 St Paul's Terrace Hyson Green Victorian terrace (mid)
Internal front, external back with brick effect window detailing plus underfloor insulation
387 Haydn Road Sherwood 3 storey Victorian terrace (end) Internal front, external back with brick effect brick window detailing
82 Glentworth Road Radford Victorian terrace (mid) External front with brick slips, external back
127 Wilford Crescent West Meadows Cross-wall External on front and back with brick effect window detailing, gable is cavity filled 
2 Caincross Bilborough BISF (British Steel Framed) All external
108 Hereford Road Bakersfield Mansard External front and back ground floor, internal front and back first floor
To comply with Green Deal for Communities funding these installs must be complete by September 2016, we are however hoping to have them completed up by May 2016.

Contractor Training

Training comprised of practical insulation techniques, health and safety plus guidance and support to help each company attain their PAS2030 accreditation, something that will  put them in good stead for future projects of a similar nature.


NEP only use local, accredited installers, and having worked with plenty over the years we knew who to approach.  We needed a mixture of solid wall insulation contractors and also plumbing specialists as the Harder to Treat installs require the expertise of both.
All 7 contractors successfully gained their PAS2030 accreditation and were awarded there certificates in Spring 2016.  One Contractor Harley Builders, has already been contracted to carry out some under floor insulation work as part of Nottingham's Smart Cities REMOURBAN project, without this qualification he would not have been considered.

Documenting this project

  • We will have a suite of customer case studies that include their thoughts before, during and after the works are complete - we will also contact them a year on to see if they have seen a noticible difference in their energy bills.
  • A video of each property will be produced which will take the viewer through every stage of the install.  These videos will be made up of time-lapse camera footage and high resolution stills.
  • Techinal drawings of each property will be produced and cross sections of areas where we have had to be particularly innovative.
  • An overall project report will be written which will come to life with customer quotes, drawings and photographs, this will be accompanied by a separate contractor training report




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