Clifton Greener Housing Project


January 2014:  Applications are now closed for this project due British Gas withdrawing from the scheme.
Scheme contractor Volkerlaser and Nottingham Energy Partnership look forward to improving the energy efficency of hundreds of concrete houses in Clifton by installing solid wall insulation.  
The roll out of this energy improvement will work on a street by street bases, and starts in Clifton North this Autumn.  In January 2014 we will contact eligible residents living in Clifton South by letter.

Project Overview

Nottingham City Council’s flagship Greener HousiNG scheme is here to help residents living in privately owned and social housing save money and energy with the installation of solid wall insulation. 
Insulating Clifton’s concrete homes is the start of an eight year solid wall insulation programme for Nottingham.  Do not delay, limited grants available.


  • Save up to £400 a year on your heating bills.
  • Your home will retain heat longer.
  • You will receive a hassle free customer assessment and survey service from Nottingham Energy Partnership followed by solid wall insulation installed by industry experts, Volkerlaser.

Assessments for this project are now on hold

Due to such high interest in the scheme there is now a backlog of private properties to be installed, therefore we are unable to accept any new customers at the moment.  
Please fill in the form below and we will add you to our waiting list, we will write to you in April with further details about the scheme.  Thank you for your patience.
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