Clifton Greener Housing Project

Clifton Greener HousiNG Phase 2 is here  

We are delighted to inform you that Phase 2 of the Clifton Greener HousiNG scheme is now up and running.

Project managers, Nottingham City Homes, contractor Volkerlaser and Nottingham Energy Partnership look forward to improving the energy efficiency of hundreds of concrete houses in
Clifton with the installation of solid wall insulation.  

Phase 2 concentrates on properties in Clifton South.  This area has been split up into zones so
the insulation can be delivered on a street by street basis.

This project is rolled out zone by zone

Zones 7-9 are now LIVE, these households have until Friday 31st October to sign up.  
If you sign up before Friday 24th you will be entered into a prize draw to win £500 off the cost your contribution.

Zones 1-3 closed on Friday 22nd August.  Zones 4-6 closed on Saturday 13th September.

Please note, Nobel Road properties are not included in this scheme. 

Project Overview

Nottingham City Council’s flagship Greener HousiNG scheme is here to help residents living in
privately owned and social housing save money and energy with the installation of solid wall insulation.


  • Save up to £400 a year on your heating bills
  • Your home will retain heat longer
  • You will experience greater warmth and improved comfort
  • It will help to prevent future condensation and mould problems
  • It will give your home a fresh new look

Sign up for your Customer Assessment

We invite home owners, private tenants and private landlords in Clifton South who receive a letter
in the next few weeks to either register online using the form below, alternatively please call the
team on 0300 688 08 08.  Lines open weekdays 9am - 5.30pm.
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