Aspley Super Warm Zone (CESP)


Aspley Super Warm Zone is one of the Government's 100 pilot Community Energy Saving Programmes (CESP)  across Great Britain.  It's a two year programme that delivers whole house energy makeovers with solid wall insulation at it's core.  

This £2.8 million project is funded by SSE and Nottingham City Council and covers a target area of 1,800 social and private homes in three lower super output areas within Aspley Estate, Nottingham.

The social housing phase has already successfully installed over 500 homes (correct of April 2012), with internal wall insulation.  All works are free to these tenants.

The private phase, is for homeowners and private tenants.  This phase is now up and running with a target of installing solid wall insulation in 600 houses. This phase delivers a whole house energy makeover to every home with solid wall insulation as it's main measure with boiler upgrades and loft insulation as complimentary measures. A mixture of internal and external solid wall insulation is being installed in the 600 homes with potential savings of up to £400 per household to be expected.

For the private phase, although it is not completely free, homeowners will be eligible for a grant to cover a majority of the work. This means homeowners would only be required to pay between £752 and £1086 towards the cost of the installation. In addition NEP have secured interest free loans with Nottingham’s credit union making the financial side of solid wall insulation a possibility to all of those target households. 

Our Partners

Nottingham City Council, Nottingham City Homes and Scottish and Southern Energy.


To find out more about the energy saving measures that make up our 'whole house energy makeovers' read our factsheets.

Watch our Super Warm Zone DVD.

For more information or to find out if your house falls into the designated CESP area visit

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