NEP staff celebrate their International Green Award

NEP staff celebrate their International Green Award

PRESS RELEASE 1 December 2011

PICTURE: Representing NEP on the night, from right, Ashley Baxter (NEP Trustee and Director of HydrostatUK), Jerome Baddley (Sustainable Development Manager) and Alison Mouncy (Marketing Officer).

Energy and carbon saving charity, Nottingham Energy Partnership, has just received global acclaim. The charity staff celebrated their success last night following last week’s prestigious International Green Awards ceremony at London’s Natural History Museum.  Nottingham Energy Partnership was presented with the International Green Award for ‘Best Green Not-For-Profit Organisation’. The competition was judged by an international panel of sustainability experts including the United Nations Environment Programme and presented before 500 guests from 80 organisations from
all over the globe. 

International Green Awards are presented to those organisations that improve public knowledge
and understanding about sustainability, and drive forward the Climate Change agenda. 
Nottingham Energy Partnership has been campaigning on Climate Change and helping
households and organisations to cut their fuel bills for the last fourteen years.

In the last 5 years, Philip Angus, the Manager of NEP, has steered the organisation to success
taking turnover from £200k to its current £2m annual turnover along with an expansion from 3 to 15 employees.

Philip Angus said ‘NEP is a unique not-for-profit organisation that delivers on different levels, from services  to individuals in fuel poverty through to multi-million £ strategic carbon saving projects. 
To receive an International Green Award is real recognition from professional experts of the hard work of NEP staff over many years’.

Last week’s award coincided with the news that NEP has secured a new contract that brings their combined funding pot for domestic energy efficiency projects to over £10 million.

NEP’s energy efficiency projects are aimed at helping those who struggle with their fuel bills as
well as reducing CO2 pollution. Over the last decade these NEP projects are responsible for
keeping over £4.5 million in householder pockets each and every year, by reducing their energy
bills through access to home insulation and heating grants.

NEP are also behind the groundbreaking solid wall insulation programme, Aspley Super Warm Zone, the UK’s first Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) that will deliver huge fuel bill
and CO2 savings for equal numbers of social and private sector households, and most importantly
for Nottingham, will  lead the way as a local pilot for the Government’s Green Deal.

NEP’s projects save around 20,000 tonnes of CO2each year. That’s the equivalent of making 4,000 homes completely ‘carbon neutral’.

NEP has also ‘carbon foot printed’ over 4.2 million tonnes of CO2,primarily in the health sector, over the last 3 years, and then supported those organisations to reduce their CO2 emissions.

NEP heightens public awareness on fuel poverty and energy efficiency by delivering  community workshops  and presentations to health and housing staff. This work homes in on the ‘3 Step Energy Plan’ to make energy saving a simple practical process for all.  Training for front line NHS staff also helps to deliver services to those most vulnerable patients that may not previously be aware of the help available to them.

The charity has also recently secured a contract with national training provider Elmfield and the energy utility EON, that will provide a 9 month training programme for 15 young unemployed individuals.  The lucky 15 will carry out an intensive training schedule in energy efficiency assessment and customer care.  Once completed, these young people will be the first generation of Green Deal energy surveyors.

On the non-domestic front NEPs work has started to engage with and support organisations across the UK to achieve carbon savings. Last Year NEP calculated the carbon footprint for the East Midlands NHS and since then has worked with 26 NHS trusts across the Midlands sharing knowledge and lessons on how to cut carbon emissions to save money and protect the environment.

What makes NEP so successful?  ‘Behind all of our good work is the commitment of our staff. They are driven by the recognition that Climate Change remains the single most important issue not just for today or tomorrow but for the rest of the century!’ said Philip Angus, ‘ NEP is still a small local not-for-profit organisation, but this International Green Award shows that our integrity, dedication and  practical approach have been recognised on a wider stage’ said Philip Angus, ‘It’s a great morale booster to end a roller coaster year’.