In the Workplace

Independence, attention to detail, breadth of knowledge and always going the extra mile; these are some of the key things that distinguish our international award winning sustainability services team.

Rising natural resource costs, a need to cut carbon emissions and some inevitable climate change, create a "trilemma", a self-reinforcing problem , within a tight economic environment within which to deliver solutions. Systemic, joined up thinking is needed to provide solutions. These solutions then need to be efficient, low carbon and future proof.

Who are we?

NEPes consultancy team are rounded environmental professionals, analysts, communicators and instigators. We understand the need to make solutions resonate and operate within the financial, social and legal environment of your organisation or community.

Carbon reduction should be a route to helping you do what you do, just better; better for you, better for your community and better for future generations.

We are the UK's leading provider of carbon and natural resources management services to the Healthcare sector.

What do we do?

We have undertaken projects from helping community groups develop solar power, through to developing city wide energy strategy. We have delivered carbon footprints for single site SMEs, to the NHS in the East Midlands, with country sized carbon emissions. We have managed the surveys, planning applications and installation of solar panels and ran sustainable procurement events to support supply chain carbon reduction.

We can also deliver travel planning, waste reduction, behavior change; almost any area where there is an environmental saving.

What do our clients say about us?

Read our clients comments. We are committed to helping you identify and achieve carbon, energy and cost savings. We are there for the whole journey.