In the home

In The Home

  • Mr & Mrs Cooper: External Wall Insulation

    "The house feels different now, the warmth is not just around the radiator, you feel warm no matter where you are”.

  • Mr & Mrs Lowe:  External Solid Wall Insulation

    "It's warm all the time now, there isn't a cold room in the house".

  • Hazel Rowe: External solid wall insulation

    “My family and I can now look forward to winter for the first time.”
  • Harold Close: External solid wall insulation

    "It’s a no brainer for the price and the savings will payback what we’ve spent in no time”.
  • Anthony Ford: Solid wall insulation & ‘A’ rated boiler

    “We were gobsmacked to find out we were eligible for the grant, the money we paid was a fraction of the full cost.”
  • NEP’s ‘Greener Living’ Film

    WATCH OUR SOLID WALL INSULATION CINEMA TRAILER -  we organised for it to be screened before every film for a week in October 2012 at Nottingham's Art House cinema, The Broadway.

    Our 'Greener Living' film, released June 2012, shows how you can improve the energy efficiency of your home by installing practical measures and following simple green tips. 

  • Justina Grafton: Free loft insulation and heating improvements (GNHHS)

    “Thanks to Warm Front and Westville for making this possible”

  • Loft insulation

    Loft insulation helps to create an even temperature in your home and keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It is like a blanket that lets heat escape through your roof at a much slower rate.