Mrs Barber & Family:  £99 cavity wall insulation (BroxWZ)

“We’ve been able to turn our thermostat down by 5˚C since having the insulation and been able to keep just as warm”. 

Mr and Mrs Barber live in a detached house in Eastwood with their two daughters and puppy Meg.  A Broxtowe Warm Zone surveyor called round to their property after a letter had been posted telling them about the reduced insulation on offer.  Normally, they’d be reluctant to answer the door to such callers but because the scheme is supported by Broxtowe Borough Council, they knew it was legitimate and were happy to sign up.

The Barbers already have a well insulated loft, which was done when they moved in about 8 years ago.  Their walls, however were bare, so Mr Barber signed up for cavity wall insulation.

Cavity wall insulation stops 25% of the Barber’s heat escaping.  Daughter Alice was very happy that her bedroom is now much warmer following the installation.

The cavity wall insulation cost the Barber’s £99, had this not been done through Broxtowe Warm Zone they would be looking to pay over £200.

Money Saved
Cavity wall insulation prevents heat escaping through the walls, enabling a household to turn the heating down, and leave it on for shorter amounts of time.  An average household can save up to £160 a year on their annual fuel bills. 

Alison has noticed that the house feels warmer for longer, and would recommend Broxtowe Warm Zone to friends and family. 

If you live in Broxtowe Borough, and are a homeowner or private tenant, you can get your home insulated from just £49 or free.

Apply online or call us on 08455 390 390

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