Mr & Mrs Grocock:  Free loft and cavity wall insulation (BroxWZ)

“The difference is unbelievable. Our shoulders are not cold as we walk up the stairs now, and to have it done for free is fantastic”.  


Mr and Mrs Grocock are pensioners and live in Beeston.  Mrs Grocock answered the door to one of our Broxtowe Warm Zone surveyors, and after completing a quick survey it was clear that the property had no insulation in the loft and the cavity walls had not been filled. Mrs Grocock is not over 65, so she thought there would be a charge for the work, the surveyor quickly explained that as long as there is someone in the household that is over 65 the work would be completely free.  Mrs Grocock was very happy to hear this as her husband is over the age of 65.

The Grococks signed up for 10” of loft insulation and cavity wall insulation.  The contractor, Miller
Pattison, organised for both measures to be installed in the same week.

The loft and cavity wall insulation are now retaining up to 40% of heat that previously escaped through a draughty loft and empty walls.  The couple have really noticed the difference in warmth, as have their neighbours who have all had at least one measure installed.

All works were free as Mr Grocock is over the age of 65.

Money Saved
Now the Grococks home is fully kitted out with the home insulation measures, more heat is being retained saving them up to £300 a year on their fuel bills.  Whilst is it especially cold at the moment they have been very careful to keep as much heat in as possible. 

Mrs Grocock keeps a record of their quarterly gas bills so it will be interesting to see if quarter 1 (2011) is less than quarter 1 (2010) now they are retaining more heat.

If you live in Broxtowe Borough, and are a homeowner or private tenant, you can get your home insulated from just £49 or free.

Apply online or call us on 08455 390 390


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