Justina Grafton: Free loft insulation and heating improvements (GNHHS)

“Thanks to Warm Front and Westville for making this possible”


Justina Grafton lives in a semi detached house on her own in Edwalton. Justina finds it hard to keep her home warm with just two electric storage heaters with the majority of heat generated escaping through the roof with there being next to no insulation up there.


P. Ghizzawi from the First Contact Team assessed the property and could see Justina needed more help to keep warm, her electricity bills were also noticeably high. The First Contact Team referred Justina’s details on to GNHHS. We put her through for a Warm Front grant worth £3,500 to pay for loft insulation, two extra storage heaters and a new immersion tank..


Since having the measures installed Justina said ‘I’m certainly enjoying living in a warmer home, I use my gas heater a lot less and no longer worry about high energy bills’ No longer is the house losing 25% of it’s heat through the roof which means more heat stays where it should, inside the house. Costs There was no need for Justina to part with any money as she is over 65 years of age and in receipt of qualifying Warm Front benefits, Council Tax Benefit and Attendance Allowance.

Money saved

Now Justina’s loft insulation is up to the recommended depth of 10” she can now save up to £160 a year on her energy bills. GNHHS also provided her with several energy saving lights bulbs, saving Justina £7 per year per bulb.

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