Peak District Team Away Day 2014

Peak District Team Away Day 2014

30 October 2014 News from NEP

We recently took some time out for our annual Team Away day; our reward for completing
our own office cleaning duties - yes, it is us that keeps the office so sparkly!

All the scrubbing and hoovering was soon forgotten once we were deep in the heart of the Peak District, with only cows for company and a view of the beautiful Lathkill Dale.

Our day went a bit like this: 

  • 10 mile hike,
  • picture challenge,
  • treasure hunt,
  • rounders,
  • pub dinner,
  • camp fire,
  • a night under canvas
  • and a big breakfast

For the hike we mixed up the project teams and formed 3 competing groups – each group had to complete various tasks along the way, (one being map reading, eek) and also make it back to Middleton village (our starting point) before 5pm. 

Strictly speaking all we were all disqualified as no one made it back by 5pm! So, our winners were crowned purely on their picture challenge and treasure hunt scores. It was a close call but the winning team was ‘Man Down’ – made up of James, Darren, Jerome, Jenalle and Phil (who was
the man down, temporarily whilst he located a missing team).

We had fun, and have had requests from a few of our partner organisations to organise the same
day for them.

We stayed at The Royal Oak, in Monyash, Derbyshire – great for camping, bunk barns and really delicious nosh.

Here are some pictures, you can find the full set on our Flickr stream.