Green Deal payment delays hit small businesses

Green Deal payment delays hit small businesses

3 September 2014  - Green Wise

The Government's Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) of £120 million closed
abruptly on July 24th just 6 weeks after it's launch (it was meant to last for 9 months).

This fund was a way for households to afford expensive home improvements like solid wall insulation and boiler replacements -  ideally householders would pay for the measures upfront
and then claim up to £6,000 back with their secured cashback voucher.

Unfortunately this is not how it is playing out in reality.  Small Green Deal Installers have completed measures without taking an upfront payment and are now waiting for the cashback to materialise from DECC.  There are hold up with the cashback and many organisations are struggling severely with cashflow and in some instances having to let people go.

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